Saniqk Arts – Putting Enchantment Back Into Your Communication!

Illustration is a wonderful medium to communicate, educate, and entertain. It carries a warm fuzzy feel that is familiar to us, and been a part of most of our lives from childhood. It’s a an art form that captivates our senses because it carries an enchanting; timeless quality. Who doesn’t fondly remember the illustrated books (including comic books of course!) from their childhood? Most can remember more than one. We know we do! Ah memories..

When we thought about launching Saniqk Arts, it was the power and pleasure of illustration that drove us. Using illustrations for marketing purposes is nothing new, you see it everyday in all manner of ways. On websites, in magazines, flyers, and yes even postcards! So no, we’re not claiming to be doing anything extraordinary. But we are creating illustrations, and styles of illustrations, that reflect our own particular creative, artistic, and aesthetic sensibilities. A style that we feel carries universal appeal. A format that will prove a great medium for businesses and professionals to communicate with their clients and customers. That is our goal. That is what Saniqk Arts is all about!

To keep it relevant but fun for your family, friends, and clients!

Promoting and communicating for your business or practice can take any form you want it to take. With Saniqk Arts our goal is to provide your professional narrative through fun, colourful, humourous designs, while maintainig relevance to your profession, business, or services. To reach out to your clients in a manner that puts a smile on their face, while putting your message across. Can you ask for a better way to communicate with your market?

We certainly belive it will prove a refreshing, impactful, and positively rewarding option for our users! So get ready as we inch closer to launching Saniqk Arts. We are in the final stages of completing our first catalog of illustrated designs, that will be ready for you to browse and order through our Saniqk Arts website. Check back on this blog for updates!

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